The Mother/Daughter Connection

 As moms, we want a close and loving connection with our daughters. As our daughters grow up, the relationship must grow and change along with them. When my oldest girl began middle school, I launched an experiment, to strengthen our bond and help her grow in grace as she entered her teens. I am sharing what we did and what we learned in the process, for moms with daughters approaching the adolescent season. 


Why the Mother/Daughter Connection?

I describe here the inspiration for our girls group, our goals, and the basic elements we included in our gatherings.


How to Get Started

Once we decided to create a regular girls gathering, we had some decisions to make and a structure to set in place. Here are some of the steps we followed in getting starting.


What We did

In order for the girls to share openly at the heart level and grow together spiritually, we needed to develop a safe, caring atmosphere. I also wanted them to be actively involved in our gatherings, and to experience both fun and service outside our meeting times. Here are some of the activities we included to build trust, enjoy one another, learn, and serve.


What We used

In the early days of our gatherings, I developed short lessons and discussion questions based on topics of interest to young women. Over time I decided to take advantage of some of the amazing books written for Christian tweens and teens. You'll find a list of those books here.


Words from Alumni

From year to year, I did surveys with the girls to determine what was helpful to them about our gatherings and what they would like to change. Their feedback let me know that the group was enjoyable and important to them. To evaluate the long-term value of the groups I have begun reaching out to alumni of the group. As they respond, I am sharing what they have to say. May it encourage those of you considering creating your own version of intentional mother daughter connection.