Like many moms, I felt ill prepared when it came time to navigate the teenage years. My three biggest concerns were:

  • staying connected with my girls at a heart level
  • talking about how faith intersected with their daily life
  • developing a relationship with their friends

After reading about a dad who hosted regular donut mornings for his sons and their friends, I decided to start a Saturday morning breakfast club. We christened our group GGG for “girls, gab, and grub”. 

We started simply, meeting every other Saturday from September until May. In the early years we met at a bagel place. During our time together we had free flowing conversation, discussed a topic based on a lesson I wrote or on a book we read together, and prayed for one another. Over time we added many other elements to the group, based on the needs and interests of the girls. The original group met for four and a half years. 

We disbanded because of the momentous addition to our household of four and ten-year-old siblings from Haiti. By that time, many of the girls were juggling jobs and high school activities and found it hard to be at many of our meetings anyway. 

Two years later I started a new group with the daughter we had added to our family and her friends. That group met for four years.

Those Saturday mornings had so many wonderful outcomes. It was a great opportunity to make memories with my daughters, get to know their friends, mentor young women at a crucial time in their faith, and simply have fun. An unexpected benefit for me was the friendships I developed with moms who came alongside me to lead the group. 

Without hesitation, I can say that our informal Saturday girls group met all the goals I had for it and more. As a mom, it was one of the highlights of raising teen girls. I’m thankful that I can say “I’m glad I did” instead of “I wish I had”!

On a separate page I’ll let you hear reflections from some of the alumni “girls” themselves. The oldest are now young adults living in our town, out of state, and even overseas. Many are college graduates and a few are married. I still love to touch base with these wonderful young women!