I am a thankful recipient of God's grace, who sometimes struggles to extend it to myself and others.

For three decades now I have been married to Nick.  I could not have known at 22 what an amazing journey partner he would be, but I am deeply grateful.

I am the mom of 5, still learning to embrace the chaos when we are all gathered under the same roof. Three of our children came to me by birth and two by adoption.  Motherhood has been the most powerful tool that God has used for learning and growth in my life.

Ever since I can remember I have been a lover of words.  In second grade a classmate and I created the "Five Baby Frankensteins" story series, and turned almost any writing assignment our teacher gave us into another installment in the series!  Reading and writing are both passions of mine, and my favorite gifts to give or receive are books!

I am a former public school music teacher and a current homeschool mom.  I love to learn and can accurately wear the label "nerd".  Singing and playing the piano are pastimes I love to participate in myself as well as teach.  To me there is no more beautiful sound than human voices in harmony and I still direct a choir now and then when I get a chance.

I find other places and people fascinating.  I have been privileged to travel to Eastern Europe and to Asia, leading camps, doing music, and serving as one called to the Great Commission.

I am a sometimes successful seeker of fitness who has a love-hate relationship with running and enjoys walking, biking, and tennis.